Publications August 12, 2015

Are Large Judgments the Next Target for Hedge Funds? Carrie Tendler and Josh Sheptow Evaluate Trending Litigation-Sensitive Investments by Hedge Funds

Over the years, hedge funds have leveraged financial and legal expertise to pursue opportunities into litigation-sensitive investments. Carrie Tendler and Josh Sheptow examine the next wave of litigation-based investments and the potential for hedge funds acquiring large unexecuted court judgments to be the next trend in investment strategies. 

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Publications August 1, 2015

Michael S. Kim and Jef Klazen Co-Author Article on Defensive Techniques for Global Liquidation

Kobre & Kim co-founder Michael Kim and New York-based lawyer Jef Klazen teamed up to author “Developing International Business Relationships: Why it Pays to Plan for Asset Tracing and Recovery from the Outset,” published in the August 2015 edition of Who’s Who Legal

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Publications August 1, 2015

Jonathan Cogan, Tim Prudhoe, and John Couriel Explore How Oil and Gas Investors Can Protect Their Financial Interests in a Turbulent Market

Kobre & Kim lawyers Jonathan Cogan, Tim Prudhoe, and John Couriel discuss legal options and rights often available to minority partners in the face of declining oil and gas prices and how proactively exercising these rights can be vital to maximizing the recovery of invested monies and other assets.

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Publications July 17, 2015

Jef Klazen, Randall Arthur, and Gabrielle Liu Discuss Singapore’s Newest Debut to Its Dispute Resolution Forums in the Global Arbitration Review

Jef Klazen, Randall Arthur, and Gabrielle Liu explore the enforceability of judgments and the Singapore International Commercial Court (SICC), the latest dispute resolution forum in the region. 

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Publications May 8, 2015

William McGovern Discusses Latest Developments in Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Laws with the Hong Kong Lawyer

Hong Kong-based William McGovern shared with the Hong Kong Lawyer an overview of the latest developments in anti-bribery and anti-corruption legislation in Asia and what we can anticipate happening during the remainder of 2015.

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Publications April 28, 2015

Randall Arthur Sheds Light on Insolvency Law Landscape in Hong Kong and China

Hong Kong-based Randall Arthur shared with the Hong Kong Lawyer his insights into the insolvency law practice in Hong Kong and China. 

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Publications February 24, 2015

How Do You Recover the U.S. Assets of a Foreign Judgment Debtor? Chapter 15 Proceedings Might Help

In this article, Kobre & Kim lawyers Carrie Tendler, Jef Klazen, and Joshua Ray discuss the use of Chapter 15 to help recover U.S. assets.

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Publications February 23, 2015

Randall Arthur Discusses the Collapse of MyCoin and the Complexities of Hunting for Assets Globally

With the exposure of MyCoin as a classic Ponzi scheme, investors are scrambling to recover up to HK $3 billion (US $387 million) of assets from around the world. Randall Arthur, a lawyer based in the firm’s Hong Kong office, offers perspectives on the international search to recover investor money.

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Publications February 17, 2015

William McGovern Discusses Potential Legal Risks Chinese Companies Face When Doing Business in the U.S.

In this article, Hong Kong-based lawyer William McGovern explores the legal risks many Chinese companies face when endeavoring to grow their business in the U.S.

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Publications January 9, 2015

Hong Kong Lawyers William F. McGovern and John Han Share Thoughts With FinanceAsia on What to Expect in 2015

William McGovern and John Han of the Hong Kong office shared with FinanceAsia, one of Asia’s leading financial publications, their insights into Asia’s regulatory landscape for the coming year.

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Publications December 17, 2014

Robert Henoch Explains Why the Pressure Is On for Israeli Banks

In a Law360 article, former federal prosecutor Robert Henoch examines how the ongoing and aggressive effort by the U.S. government to extinguish international tax evasion by U.S. citizens is now focused squarely on Israel and its financial institutions.

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Publications November 17, 2014

Steven Kobre Discusses Privilege in Cross-Border Investigations With the New York Law Journal

In this article, Steven Kobre and Leanne Bortner discuss how these privilege issues come into play in cross-border investigations and which steps should be taken to assess local privilege laws and avoid inadvertent waivers of privilege.

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Publications November 14, 2014

Carrie Tendler and Tim Prudhoe Analyze the Increased Utility of Chapter 15 Bankruptcy to Foreign Liquidators

In this article featured in Corporate Counsel, New York- and British Virgin Islands-based lawyers Carrie Tendler and Tim Prudhoe, respectively, document the current trend in U.S. bankruptcy courts to provide recognition and assistance to bankruptcy proceedings in offshore jurisdictions through the lens of recent Chapter 15 applications.

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Publications October 22, 2014

Steven Kobre Discusses What it Means to Be Conflict-Free

In a recent interview with LEADERS magazine, Steven Kobre discusses the evolution of Kobre & Kim, the significance of differentiation in the legal services landscape, and what it means to be a law firm that is conflict-free.

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Publications October 10, 2014

Kobre & Kim Lawyers Contribute to Getting the Deal Through: Enforcement of Foreign Judgments, 2015

Kobre & Kim has contributed to the Cayman Islands and Hong Kong chapters of the 2015 edition of Getting the Deal Through: Enforcement of Foreign Judgments.

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