Many of our engagements involve matters in which our clients face significant public attention. The following is a list of news stories about the firm, our clients, cases and the results we have achieved.

Publications December 4, 2018

Kobre & Kim Analyzes OFAC Crypto Sanctions Designation in CoinDesk

A team of Kobre & Kim attorneys – Beau Barnes and Jake Chervinsky – analyze the first crypto sanction designation by the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and what it means for companies in the digital currency industry.

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Publications December 3, 2018

Nathaniel Barber Discusses SFO Enforcement Strategies with Commercial Dispute Resolution

Kobre & Kim attorney Nathaniel Barber spoke with Commercial Dispute Resolution on the future of enforcement strategies by the UK Serious Fraud Office (SFO) following the appointment of its new director Lisa Osofsky.

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Publications November 12, 2018

Kobre & Kim Explains the Global Reach of U.S. Sanctions in the New York Law Journal

A team of Kobre & Kim attorneys – Wade Weems and Beau Barnes – explain the global impact and reach of U.S. sanctions in the global economy, which can place heavy penalties, fines, and restrictions on unsuspecting companies and individuals. 

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Publications October 29, 2018

Kobre & Kim Break the Traditional “Rules” of Direct Examination, in Law 360

Kobre & Kim attorneys Matthew Menchel, Jonathan Cogan and Rebecca Mangold evaluate the direct examination process, dispelling traditional “rules” that novice trial lawyers often practice in favor of more pointed and effective techniques. 

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Publications October 24, 2018

Kobre & Kim Analyzes Bribery Risks Threatening Investment in the “New Indian Economy,” in Bloomberg

Kobre & Kim attorneys Vasu Muthyala and Nathaniel Barber look at India’s fast-growing economy and the heightened risks that both Indian companies as well as MNCs with a presence in India face without an effective anti-bribery policy.

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Publications October 16, 2018

Kobre & Kim Analyzes the Business Impact of “Policing Speech Monopolies” in Law 360

A team of Kobre & Kim attorneys – Hartley M.K. West, Jason A. Masimore, Daniel S. Lee, Martin De Luca, G. Scott Hulsey and Matthew R. Boucher – analyze antitrust regulation of online speech monopolies.

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Publications October 12, 2018

The New Art Fraud: Galleries, Dealers are Next Global Hacking Targets

A team of Kobre & Kim attorneys - including Randall Arthur, Lara Levinson, Jason A. Masimore, Jef Klazen and Steven G. Kobre - shed light on one of the new targets of global hackers - the art world.

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Publications September 25, 2018

Jake Chervinsky: Defending Crypto from the SEC

Jake Chervinsky speaks with Off the Chain podcast host Anthony Pompliano on securities law, accreditation standards, terrorism financing, the applications of the Howey Test to crypto, and much more in this in-depth 90-minute interview.

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Publications September 19, 2018

What Bitcoin Did: An Interview with Jake Chervinsky

Jake Chervinsky speaks with What Bitcoin Did podcast host Peter McCormack on the growing friction between BitCoin and traditional finance. As regulators work to ensure that Cryptocurrencies are following due process, the industry is watching closely.

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Publications August 24, 2018

What an SEC Bitcoin ETF Rejection Review Really Means

Following an announcement by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that nine bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) disapproval orders are to be stayed until further review, Jake Chervinsky sat down with CoinDesk to discuss what the announcement really means, and what implications it carries for the proposed bitcoin ETFs themselves.

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Publications July 19, 2018

Shaun Wu and Nan Wang Outline What MNCs Need to Know as China Takes a Firm Stand Against Bribery

Multinational corporations (MNCs) in China have new reasons to pay close attention to local enforcement of commercial bribery laws, as local enforcement gradually shifts from targeting only domestic companies to foreign MNCs. Shaun Wu and Nan Wang, Shanghai-based lawyers who represent clients in China and across greater Asia in cross-border actions, analyze what MNCs need to know.

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Publications July 12, 2018

Precedent-Setting Digital Currency Recovery Team Explores Options for Fraud Victims

David McGill and Benjamin Sauter, the first lawyers to freeze misappropriated digital currency on a fraud victim’s behalf, along with Washington DC-based lawyer Jake Chervinsky, survey the current digital asset recovery landscape in a recent Bloomberg Law article. 

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Publications April 12, 2018

Transatlantic Disputes Lawyer Robin Rathmell on Meeting the Unique Needs of UHNW Private Clients

Transatlantic disputes lawyer Robin Rathmell discusses asset forfeiture defense, representing private clients and the unique litigation issues he faces in his practice with Citywealth magazine.

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Publications March 30, 2018

Creating a Roadmap to Recovery After Digital Currency Fraud: David McGill and Benjamin Sauter Explain

David McGill and Benjamin Sauter, both litigators with an acute focus on digital currency fraud and regulation, explain the strategies they employed to freeze misappropriated assets in a high-value cryptocurrency fraud.

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Publications March 30, 2018

Cross-Border Team Offers Insight on Latest Privilege Rules for UK Investigations

Former U.S. Department of Justice prosecutors Roger A. Burlingame and Steven Kobre team up with Rachel Goldstein to offer best practices for lawyers conducting UK internal investigations.

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