The Analyst Program

“The culture we have tried to create at Kobre & Kim is one that encourages people to speak for themselves and to be vocal about their opinions. We know that the best ideas and strategies do not always come from the top down but from all directions. This is important because we are ultimately in the business of advocating for our client’s position.”

–Michael S. Kim, firm co-founder

Listen to the founding partners, lawyers and analysts discuss the Analyst Program and the distinctive experience that Kobre & Kim offers.

About the Analyst Program

Kobre & Kim is recognized industrywide for its innovative Analyst Program, which now encompasses more than 70 analysts worldwide. Analysts work alongside lawyers from the inception of the investigative phase of cases through actual litigation. Working under the supervision of the firm's lawyers, our analysts provide research, knowledge and insight into sophisticated markets and a broad suite of highly specialized financial products. All analysts have opportunities for advancement after their first year, including transitioning to management roles, specializing in practice areas, and/or transferring to other offices worldwide.

Job Qualifications

Analysts are typically top-ranked graduates from the most prestigious colleges and universities.

Candidates should possess:

  • a four-year college degree; 
  • a strong GPA; 
  • a teamwork mentality; and 
  • excellent writing, research and communication skills.

The firm seeks self-confident, highly motivated individuals with varied academic and extracurricular interests. Curiosity about exploring financial markets and pursuing a career in law is welcomed but not required. Language skills — especially Arabic, German, Hebrew, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish — are a plus.

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How to Apply

The Analyst Program is open to final-year undergraduate and graduate students from any field of study or discipline. An interest in exploring financial markets and pursuing a career in law is welcomed but not required.

Kobre & Kim typically recruits summer analyst cohorts in the fall (September – early December) through on-campus recruiting (OCR) and resume drops. Recruiting for our summer Litigation Internship occurs between January – April.

We do not have any current openings for the Analyst position or Summer 2020 Litigation Internship. For summer 2021 starting Analyst candidates, please look at our fall 2020 recruiting schedule that will be posted on this page by September 1. Information on the summer 2021 Litigation Internship will be posted in early 2021.

For any general questions about the Analyst Program and/or Litigation Internship, contact Ashley Kera at or email


Our alumni contribute to the firm’s rich history and tradition, and we strive to maintain active relationships with our global alumni. Upon completion of the Analyst Program, more than half of our analysts attend law school at world-renowned institutions, while a significant number go on to attend top business schools or seek other advanced degrees. We also have analyst alumni who return as associates at our firm. Our alumni are among the most talented and sought-after young professionals in the world, and we aim for each individual experience at Kobre & Kim to translate into a lifetime of meaningful work.

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Contact Information:

Michael Friedman
Managing Attorney / Deputy to the CEO, Quality Assessment & Improvement

Ashley Kera
Manager of Analyst Program Recruitment, Retention & Alumni Relations