Kobre & Kim focuses solely on disputes and investigations. Our lawyers collaborate on cross-border teams that handle matters involving criminal defense and regulatory enforcement, internal investigations, civil and commercial litigation, class actions, judgment enforcement and asset recovery, and financial products and services disputes.

At Kobre & Kim, we seek lawyers who are driven and willing to think creatively. Our lawyers receive a vast amount of responsibility early on and are expected to solve unique and complicated problems. With a reputation for outstanding client service, the firm encourages associates to be impactful members of the overall team.

Do You Have What It Takes?

We are accepting applications for associates who are interested in and have both civil and criminal litigation experience. For all offices, every candidate should:

  • be an honors graduate from a top law school,
  • have extensive writing experience, and
  • have work experience at a top-tier law firm.

Our Process

Candidates participate in a two- to three-round interview process, during which they meet with a variety of lawyers at the firm. The final step in the interview process is a writing test, which all associate and counsel candidates must pass before Kobre & Kim extends an offer. Upon joining the firm, each lawyer participates in a weeklong orientation and receives a mentor to assist in acclimation and career development.

How to Apply

All applications should include a resume, law school transcript, and two writing samples. We prefer that the writing samples be trial advocacy pieces (motions, briefs, etc.) rather than articles, publications or internal memorandums.

For more information, please visit our Apply Now page.

Please direct all lateral inquiries, including applicants and search firms, to the Legal Recruitment Department at

Mentoring Program

Retention and promotion of our professionals are critical to the firm's commitment to diversity and inclusion. Our mentoring program creates a framework in which lawyers and staff can network and build relationships within the firm, as well as the larger legal community. Participants receive valuable coaching and professional development opportunities that promote growth and career advancement. 

Diversity and Inclusion

At Kobre & Kim, an inclusive, tolerant community built on celebrating the differences of its members – rather than the opposite – is at the core of who we are and what we stand for. We look for these values each and every time we consider bringing a new member aboard, no matter which location around the world and at what capacity.

Click here to learn more about our efforts to build an increasingly diverse and inclusive global firm.

Training and Career Development

Annual Trainings

Professional development is critical to the firm's success. Our programs ensure that all lawyers have the tools they need to excel in their roles and meet firm goals. Some areas of focus include:

  • Mock International Arbitration Program
  • Kobre & Kim Best Practices
  • Practice Management
  • Kobre & Kim Product Group Training
  • Additional CLE Trainings for Lawyers


Kobre & Kim is an accredited CLE provider in New York and California. The firm is dedicated to providing ongoing programs that foster professional development, enhance legal skills and address changes in the law. Lawyers are encouraged to attend as many presentations as their time permits and are invited to deliver presentations on any topic of their choice.

Contact Information

Please direct all lateral inquiries, including applicants and search firms, to the Legal Recruitment Department at

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