Are Large Judgments the Next Target for Hedge Funds? Carrie Tendler and Josh Sheptow Evaluate Trending Litigation-Sensitive Investments by Hedge Funds

August 12, 2015

Publication: FINalternatives

Over the years, hedge funds have leveraged financial and legal expertise to pursue opportunities into litigation-sensitive investments. Carrie Tendler and Josh Sheptow examine the next wave of litigation-based investments and the potential for hedge funds acquiring large unexecuted court judgments to be the next trend in investment strategies. 

In this piece published in FINalternatives’ "In Depth" column, Ms. Tendler and Mr. Sheptow analyze recent examples of litigation-sensitive investments, including loans made to plaintiffs, appraisal arbitrage, and the purchase of claims against bankrupt firms. They also discuss navigating the risks associated with litigation-based investments and how asset tracing and judgment enforcement models could mean substantial profits for hedge funds.

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