Claim Monetization & Dilution

Kobre & Kim is the only firm providing integrated services for complex, cross-border claims disputes. We have a strong track record on both the offensive (claim monetization) and defensive (claim dilution) end, allowing us to devise and anticipate strategies on both sides of the problem.

Claim Monetization

We help clients realize value from their claims, developing investigative, enforcement and asset tracing/recovery plans in the pre-dispute stage for later implementation. Our integrated team, of former U.S. government lawyers, Hong Kong solicitors, UK solicitors and barristers (including King's Counsel) and offshore lawyers, uniquely positions us to drive cross-border proceedings — advocating directly for our clients or closely leading local counsel in jurisdictions around the world.

Claim Dilution

We aggressively defend targets of government asset forfeiture or commercial judgment enforcement campaigns. Our firm has handled some of the largest cases in the asset forfeiture defense space, representing high-profile private clients on a global scale. We have a successful track record of defending against asset seizures and reducing settlement amounts, often with hundreds of millions of dollars at stake.