Offensive Investigations

We act as special counsel to deploy an asset-focused, private enforcement operation aimed at combatting fraud and restoring lost revenue. These high-stakes, large-scale private enforcement campaigns aim to acquire competitive information regarding commercial threats, bring civil claims and spring law enforcement into action.

Ability to Conduct Coordinated Law-Enforcement-Style Investigations and Litigation.

With the highest concentration of former U.S. government lawyers located outside of the U.S. of any law firm, our team is highly experienced in conducting law-enforcement-style litigation, information-gathering campaigns, asset tracing and investigations across multiple jurisdictions.

Strong Connections to Local Regulators.

Our firm regularly interfaces with local regulators across the globe. We have deep experience in conducting fact finding and asset investigations to persuade local authorities to initiate investigations, bring freezing orders and forfeiture requests against those suspected of perpetrating fraud against our clients. Our frequent interaction with these agencies and deep familiarity with their prosecution tactics allows our team to craft propositions in a similar manner to how regulators frame their own cases, maximizing the chances of pursuit.

Representative Engagements