We devote 100% of our practice to disputes and investigations, conducting most of our work as special conflicts counsel in complex international disputes.

Our specialized, integrated product offerings allow us to pursue aggressive and creative solutions to clients’ underlying problems, whether they are legal, financial, commercial or reputational.

Integrated Offerings:

Claim Monetization & Dilution

Kobre & Kim is the only firm providing integrated services for complex, cross-border claims disputes. We have a strong track record on both the offensive (claim monetization) and defensive (claim dilution) end, allowing us to devise and anticipate strategies on both sides of the problem.

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International Private Client

Kobre & Kim provides offensive and defensive cross-border litigation and crisis management strategies to ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWIs) with global business interests, to preserve their assets, liberty and reputation. Our team of former U.S. government lawyers and commercial litigators have a proven track record of coordinating multi-jurisdictional offensive, counter-offensive and defensive strategies on behalf of international private clients in anticipation, or as a result of, high-stakes civil and criminal proceedings and investigations aimed at asset forfeiture or confiscation. Our multidimensional approach to UHNWI disputes, which includes the deployment of both in-court and out-of-court strategies, is the premier solution for resolving business disputes and sovereign-driven investigations, tracing and recovering misappropriated funds, defending against asset attacks, as well as acquiring and strategically deploying information to provide UHNWIs with a commercial advantage in their disputes and investigations.

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