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Kobre & Kim provides offensive and defensive cross-border litigation and crisis management strategies to ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWIs) with global business interests, to preserve their assets, liberty and reputation. Our team of former U.S. government lawyers and commercial litigators have a proven track record of coordinating multi-jurisdictional offensive, counter-offensive and defensive strategies on behalf of international private clients in anticipation, or as a result of, high-stakes civil and criminal proceedings and investigations aimed at asset forfeiture or confiscation. Our multidimensional approach to UHNWI disputes, which includes the deployment of both in-court and out-of-court strategies, is the premier solution for resolving business disputes and sovereign-driven investigations, tracing and recovering misappropriated funds, defending against asset attacks, as well as acquiring and strategically deploying information to provide UHNWIs with a commercial advantage in their disputes and investigations.

Client Alert July 19, 2024

Mitigating Cyprus-Tied Shipping Companies' Exposure to Western Sanctions

  • Sanctions against Russia have increasingly targeted the global shipping and maritime industry as the U.S., UK, EU, and other allied governments seek to enforce its crude oil price cap more aggressively.
  • With Russian crude exports on the rise, individuals and businesses with ties to the global shipping and maritime industry – particularly Greek and Cyprus-based companies – could find themselves exposed to the widening sphere of Western sanctions.
  • We explain how individuals and businesses with ties to the Cypriot shipping industry and their advisors may be able to mitigate potential risks.

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Accolades July 18, 2024

Kobre & Kim and Miranda Ching Recognized in Chambers High Net Worth UK-wide

Kobre & Kim has again been ranked highly in the Chambers and Partners United Kingdom-wide High Net Worth Guide 2023 with Miranda Ching earning individual recognition as well.

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Client Alert June 27, 2024

How Israeli UHNWIs Can Prepare and Respond to Criminal Allegations from Western Enforcement Agencies

  • Ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWIs) operating outside the United States have recently come under increasingly aggressive scrutiny from U.S regulators, including the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), and international cooperation agencies such as INTERPOL.
  • If an UHNWI is not adequately prepared, these accusations could potentially spiral into global asset freezes and seizures.
  • Below, our team discusses pre-emptive measures these potential targets can take to mitigate associated risks.

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Client Alert May 2, 2024

Preparing for Politically Motivated Criminal Enforcement Against Companies and Individuals in Asia

  • Relations between China and the U.S. will likely remain tense for the foreseeable future, as evidenced by the recent U.S. law mandating TikTok be divested or face a ban.
  • Companies and individuals with perceived Chinese associations – including in Greater China, Southeast Asia and the wider region – could be at risk of invasive and politically motivated government enforcement actions.
  • Those at risk can take several proactive steps to protect their assets, reputation and liberty.

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Events April 30, 2024

Daniel Saval Explores Cross-Border Insolvency Proceedings for Private Clients at ABA International Law Section Annual Conference

When ultra-high-net-worth individuals encounter financial distress, a cross-border insolvency strategy may be necessary to account for the impacts on their assets across different jurisdictions. Kobre & Kim’s Daniel Saval, who focuses on cross-border insolvency strategies, joins the American Bar Association International Law Section Annual Conference in Washington, DC to discuss these issues on a panel at 4:30 pm local time, May 8, 2024.

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Client Alert April 18, 2024

Countering Bad-Faith Opponents' Efforts to Publicly Discredit High-Net-Worth Individuals

  • Bad-faith opponents often use elaborate mechanisms to publicly discredit high-net-worth individuals.
  • Misinformation can spread across borders rapidly, resulting in reputational harm across borders and languages.
  • HNWIs in contentious situations should take a robust and active approach with a carefully calibrated mix of legal and communications interventions.

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Events April 1, 2024

Jason Kang and Jian Wu Examine Cross-Border Complexities Facing High-Net-Worth Individuals on AABANY Panel

High-net-worth individuals and their advisors are facing increasing risks and complexities as they navigate a changing global political and economic environment. Kobre & Kim’s Jason Kang and Jian Wu discuss during an event hosted by the Asian American Bar Association of New York (AABANY) in the New York office of JAMS at 6:00 pm on April 11, 2024.

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Client Alert March 21, 2024

New U.S. Rules For Investment Advisors Could Bring Aggressive Scrutiny on Non-U.S. Individuals

  • New rules proposed by the U.S. Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) would extend U.S. anti-money laundering program requirements to investment advisors.
  • This could become the latest move by U.S. authorities to scrutinize the assets and transactions of ultra-high-net-worth individuals, including those outside the U.S.
  • At-risk individuals and their advisors should take proactive steps to protect their legitimate interests.

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Client Alert March 4, 2024

Companies and Individuals in Greater China Can Protect Themselves from U.S. Sanctions Overreach

  • The United States and its allies continue to use sanctions to attack adversarial governments and their perceived allies, putting companies and individuals with tenuous or merely alleged ties at risk.
  • Recent sanctions have targeted Russia, but PRC companies were designated in the February 2024 round, signaling increasing risk to PRC individuals and business if China-U.S. relations deteriorate.
  • At-risk individuals and business should take proactive steps to prepare.

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Events February 29, 2024

Evelyn Sheehan Explores the Recent Push for Transparency, Asset Protection and Litigation Risk Management at Private Client Forum Americas

As more jurisdictions take steps to increase transparency of corporate and asset structures – such as public databases of ultimate beneficial owners – many ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWIs) with a legitimate need for confidentiality could become subject to security risks, unwarranted scrutiny and misinformed allegations.

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Accolades February 15, 2024

Chambers Global 2024 Recognizes Kobre & Kim and Multiple Global Lawyers

In recognition of our strong cross-border capabilities and deep bench of talent, Chambers & Partners listed Kobre & Kim and several lawyers around the world in their latest Global Guide rankings for 2024.

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Accolades February 7, 2024

Polly Wilkins is Recommended Reputation Lawyer on Spear’s Reputation Management Index 2024

In recognition of her extensive experience representing ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWIs) and their families on reputation defense and cross-border litigation strategies, Kobre & Kim’s Polly Wilkins is featured on Spear’s Reputation Management Index 2024 as a Recommended Reputation Lawyer.

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Publications January 31, 2024

Polly Wilkins and Jason Masimore on How Private Clients Can Manage Reputational Risks in Article with DRD Partnership

For high-net-worth individuals and private clients involved in contentious situations, misinformation created and spread by bad-faith opponents is a real and tangible threat. Falsehoods can easily spread online and get picked up by established media following a coordinated campaign, threatening reputational harm around the world. Kobre & Kim’s Polly Wilkins and Jason Masimore unpacked the dangers and offered strategies to manage the risks in an article written with international strategic communications consultancy, DRD Partnership.

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Accolades January 26, 2024

Private Client Global Elite Directory Recognizes Adriana Riviere-Badell, Evelyn Sheehan, Mark Rowlands, Nicholas Surmacz and Polly Wilkins

In recognition of Kobre & Kim’s deep experience representing private clients around the world, the 2024 Private Client Global Elite Directory has recognized Adriana Riviere-Badell, Evelyn Sheehan, Mark Rowlands, Nicholas Surmacz and Polly Wilkins among its list of the world’s top private client lawyers.

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Client Alert January 26, 2024

Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals Can Mitigate Two Hazards Lurking at Free Ports

  • Free ports enable ultra-high-net-worth individuals to store, trade and transport assets, including artwork, with benefits of security, favorable tax and customs regulations and, often, privacy.
  • However, free ports cannot mitigate threats to assets when authorities make allegations of misconduct and issue freezing or seizure orders.
  • With a free port in Dubai under construction, UHNWIs and their advisors should contemplate proactive steps to protect their global portfolios.

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