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Client Alert May 26, 2021

Dissolving a Delaware-Registered Joint Venture: A Key Pressure Tactic in Joint Venture Disputes

  • For parties embroiled in contentious joint-venture disputes, it is advantageous but challenging to find new ways to exert pressure on a counterparty.
  • If the counterparty is registered in Delaware, however, a pursuing a dissolution proceeding there can prove to be a decisive way to gain leverage.
  • As our Claim Monetization & Dilution team explains, this tactic saved a client in a recent case valuable time and money in reaching a favorable settlement.

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Client Alert March 12, 2021

Don't Stand Passive Against Anti-Competitive Behavior: U.S. Court Endorses Private Sector Antitrust Tools

  • Companies often believe that the only remedy for anti-competitive behavior comes from government intervention.
  • However, as a recent U.S. appeals court decision illustrates, private parties can obtain relief themselves, even against “consummated” mergers approved by government regulators.
  • This creative strategy is just one of many that companies can deploy by themselves when facing competitive challenges.

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