Confidential Information Protection & Cybersecurity Consulting

Whether a breach occurs through hacking, internal theft or inadvertent data leaks, the firm’s information security and risk professionals offer solutions to prevent attacks and minimize the damage after a breach. 

We leverage the firm’s experience handling litigation and investigations in high-risk jurisdictions to address vulnerabilities with confidential information, privacy and data security.

Preventative Threat Assessments

Our information security and risk professionals are experienced in reviewing networks and recommending improvements in protocols, particularly within specific, and often unsecured, countries, regions or markets. This includes:

  • vulnerability testing and best practice training,
  • information-security policy design and implementation to include incident response plans,
  • training for company employees on best practices for security awareness and traveling to high-risk countries,
  • sanitized device programs to protect confidential information in unsecured environments, and
  • encryption best practices for transporting data.


Breach Control and Remediation

In the event of a breach, the firm’s information security and risk professionals are able to quickly investigate and assess the situation, perform interviews with key personnel, and implement a tailored incident response plan that assists in remediating and identifying the source and cause of the breach. Forensic and post-breach analysis is conducted utilizing a comprehensive approach to understand the incident and re-establish a secure network. This includes:

  • performing initial on-site security assessments and document review,
  • collecting and analyzing electronic communications related to the incident,
  • deploying a secure sanitized hardware program,
  • providing technical guidance to the company’s in-house IT team,
  • ensuring that all professionals working with the company are operating in a secure and private business environment, and
  • implementing new security frameworks and policies that address legal and regulatory concerns.

Case and Trial Management Security

For trials and investigations, we are able to provide companies and individuals with secure workspaces capable of handling highly sensitive information. Kobre & Kim’s customized solution supports multiple users on an individual network and includes high-speed internet, security monitoring, encrypted storage, and secured voice lines.

When handling these types of matters, we are equipped to:

  • quickly set up secure workspace environments at remote locations,
  • deploy encryption protocols and hardware for secure data handling, and
  • implement best practices related to security for teams to exercise while working remotely.