Kobre & Kim and Human Rights First Gain Asylum for Pro Bono Client

June 23, 2022

On May 31, 2022, Kobre & Kim succeeded in gaining asylum for a client, K, working with Human Rights First in our commitment to pro bono work.

K fled Honduras in 2016 to escape her abusive partner after suffering severe persecution as a child and young adult. Over the course of eight years, her ex-partner brutalized her regularly, attempting to kill her on multiple occasions. She endured similar gender-based violence throughout her childhood. After arriving safely in the United States, she learned that her family has been targeted by a local drug trafficking organization in retaliation for the unpaid drug debts of her ex-partner, and that they are actively searching for her and her sons.

Working with Kobre & Kim and Human Rights First, K testified credibly at her Immigration Court hearing and was granted asylum immediately. The Department of Homeland Security waived its right to appeal. We are grateful K and her family now will be able to live safely in the United States.

Kobre & Kim’s team includes Kelly Spatola, Michael Sanfilippo, Steve Perlstein, Molly Daly, Addys Martinez and Ayesha Pasha.