Kobre & Kim Earns UK Pro Bono Success in Partnership with LawWorks

February 28, 2023

In our ongoing partnership with pro bono group LawWorks, Kobre & Kim succeeded last month in increasing a young woman’s Personal Independence Payment (“PIP”) award in London to the highest available amount, granting her an additional £95.05 per week that will be backdated to November 2021. 

The young woman suffers from mental health conditions that confines her to her room most days, has significant hip pain further limits her functioning and mobility, and is completely dependent on her parents, who she lives with. Kobre & Kim assisted her appeal to the proceedings before the First-Tier Tribunal (social entitlements chamber) to re-evaluate her award, preparing submissions and supplemental medical evidence to submit to the tribunal and representing her during her testimony.

Following a close review of the further medical evidence submitted by the Kobre & Kim team and the arguments raised in the submissions, the tribunal concluded that the young woman should be granted the highest available award under the PIP scheme. The increased award will enable the young woman to obtain the physical and mental health services she needs and permit her to focus on her health and wellbeing, particularly important during the challenging cost-of-living crisis in the UK.

The Kobre & Kim team consists of Lara Levinson, Jake Calvert, Edward Smith, Eline Munster and Michelle de Wit.