Kobre & Kim Launches Center for Trial Advocacy Program with Demonstration by Notable Trial Attorneys Matthew Menchel and Benjamin Brafman

April 12, 2011

Publication: Law.com

Kobre & Kim's Center for Trial Advocacy (CTA) launched its inaugural event with a seminar led by prominent trial lawyers Matthew Menchel of Kobre & Kim (Miami) and Benjamin Brafman of Brafman & Associates. Together these trial experts conducted a mock cross-examination providing the 250+ attendees with valuable techniques and tips to consider when conducting a cross-examination of a hostile witness. Following the demonstration, Mr. Menchel and Mr. Brafman held a dynamic Q&A session during which attendees shared insightful tips deriving from their own trial experiences.

Kobre & Kim's CTA was established in 2011 to provide a forum for experienced trial lawyers to exchange trial ideas and best practices. The CTA panels comprise the best practicing lawyers and experts in the field; from the opening statements to the closing arguments, each CTA program is specifically tailored to prepare lawyers for the obstacles they may face throughout the phases of a trial. The next CTA next event will take place next April.