Kobre & Kim and Human Rights First Win Asylum for Pro Bono Client

May 10, 2022

On May 2, 2022, Kobre & Kim succeeded in gaining asylum for a client, Jackie, and her two children, in a partnership with Human Rights First as part of our continued commitment to pro bono work.

Jackie fled El Salvador after she and her ten-year-old daughter witnessed an extremely violent murder. As an eyewitness to a gang murder, Jackie began receiving threats to her life and to the life of her daughter immediately following the murder. She was particularly vulnerable to these threats as a single mother who had faced gender-based violence in El Salvador. Fearing that she and her children would be killed, and unable to relocate elsewhere in El Salvador, Jackie and her children sought safety in the United States. 

Even after fleeing, Jackie continued to receive threats to her life. Working with Kobre & Kim and Human Rights First, she testified credibly at her Immigration Court hearing and was granted asylum, with the Department of Homeland Security waiving its right to appeal. We are thankful that Jackie and her children now will be able to live safely in the United States.

The Kobre & Kim team consists of Lydia Halpern, Mike Sanfilippo, Steven Perlstein, Molly Daly, Addys Martinez and Ayesha Pasha.