Former Executives, Represented by Kobre & Kim, Defeat AIG Financial Products Corp’s Motion to Dismiss US $185 Million Lawsuit

June 1, 2021

Publication: Westfair Business Journals

In a win for former AIG executives represented by Kobre & Kim, a Connecticut state judge rejected AIG Financial Products Corp’s (AIGFP) motion to strike the plaintiffs’ complaint over US $185 million owed from their deferred compensation accounts.

Rejecting AIGFP’s arguments that it acted in good faith as a matter of law or that the contract was  unambiguous, the Court found that the agreements were open to interpretation and allowed the suit to move forward.

The former executives are represented by Steven Kobre, Steven Perlstein, Farrington Yates, Andrew Stafford QC, Melanie Oxhorn, Amanda Tuminelli and George Stamatopoulos.

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