Vasu Muthyala and Calvin Koo Join Webinar on the Cryptocurrency Legal Landscape in Asia

December 8, 2021

The legal environment for cryptocurrencies across Asia and the world is evolving rapidly. Hong Kong-based Vasu Muthyala, a former U.S. Department of Justice prosecutor and Securities and Exchange Commission lawyer, and Calvin Koo, who represents financial technology clients on digital currency disputes, join a webinar hosted by Fintelekt Advisory Services and the Asian Bankers Association to survey the landscape at 11:00 am India time / 1:30 pm Singapore time, December 15, 2021.

During the webinar, “Crypto’s Evolution: Enforcement Risks, Asset Recovery and Best Practices,” Mr. Muthyala and Mr. Koo will assess the status of cryptocurrency in major Asian and global jurisdictions, as well as examine the risks from government enforcement, the tools for recovering digital assets, the trends coming up in key jurisdictions and the best practices for risk management. They will be joined by Arpita Bedekar of Fintelekt during the discussion.

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