Tim Prudhoe and Jef Klazen to discuss Navigating Treacherous Onshore and Offshore Jurisdictional Terrain

September 10, 2016

Tim Prudhoe and Jef Klazen will explore the interplay of onshore and offshore jurisdictions at an upcoming program and live webcast hosted by the New York City Bar. Drawing from their experience advising clients through cross-border disputes, Mr. Prudhoe and Mr. Klazen’s presentation will address the challenges associated with navigating “blocking statutes,” while providing tips on how to successfully enforce U.S. discovery orders and obtain injunctive relief in offshore jurisdictions.

The presentation, “Old wine in new bottles? How to navigate the continuing clash of onshore and offshore legal systems,” will be held November 14 at the New York City Bar office and will also be streamed live online.

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