Sean Buckley, Scott Hulsey and Beau Barnes speak to the USCBC on US Businesses, National Security, and China

June 10, 2019

Sean Buckley, Scott Hulsey, and Beau Barnes, lawyers at Kobre & Kim who often represent global clients in disputes and investigations involving state security, will speak to the U.S.-China Business Council on June 10th about the ever-important factor of “national security” in current China - U.S. relations. Today, no policy area is exempt from the concerns of national security and the lawyer’s presentation, “Looking at China Through the Lens of U.S. National Security: Implications for U.S. Businesses,” will discuss the potential outcomes for U.S. businesses.

This conversation is particularly timely, as the White House and Chinese governments have increasingly targeted companies, mostly within the tech-sector, in the past few months. The three lawyers will share insights from their deep backgrounds in national security issues and from specific cases to explore the new paradigm of U.S.-China relations, and the broader impact on global business.