Richard Clarke and Nada Oteifi on Unlocking Value in Claims, Judgments and Awards at Dubai Arbitration Week

November 15, 2023

Obtaining an arbitral award or judgment is usually only the first step for creditors to recover against their debtors. What are some strategies creditors can use to accelerate this process and unlock value? Kobre & Kim’s Dubai-based Richard Clarke and Nada Oteifi, together with Omni Bridgeway, co-hosted a panel discussion during the Dubai Arbitration Week to explore these issues and more on November 14, 2023.

The panel, “Arbitration, enforcement and financial pressures: unlocking value in claims, judgments and arbitral awards,” also featured co-host Edward McCullagh of Omni Bridgeway; Tom Bullock of Deloitte; Guy Elkington of Ankura; and Sophia Hurst of Essex Court Chambers.

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