Rebecca Hume Shares Cross-Border Asset Recovery Strategies with the International Insolvency Institute

January 15, 2020

On January 16th, Kobre & Kim’s Rebecca Hume will be speaking on a panel at the International Insolvency Institute’s USA/Canada/Caribbean and Latin America Regional Conference being held in Miami, Florida.

The panel – entitled “You Can Run But You Can’t Hide: Asset Tracing Strategies Domestically and Abroad” – will examine the tools available in various jurisdictions when handling cross-border asset recoveries and the offensive use of insolvency in order to create pressure points for settlement. The panel will also cover the use of criminal proceedings to aid civil recoveries. She will be joined by panelists from the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Ms. Hume, who regularly represents clients with interests in the Cayman Islands and the UK, will offer her perspective on offshore and onshore insolvency tools to support asset tracing and recovery.

The III Regional Conference agenda can be found at their website here.