Rebecca Hume on Offshore Insolvency Issues with INSOL International and RISA

December 3, 2019

Kobre & Kim’s Rebecca Hume will join a panel of speakers from Cayman, BVI, Bermuda, The Bahamas and the UK at INSOL International and RISA’s One Day Seminar in Nassau on Thursday, December 5th.

Entitled “Departure from The Old, Dawn of the New?,” the panel will include a discussion on recent legislative amendments, pending reforms and reforms needed with a view to the modernization of insolvency laws in the region. Given that Ms. Hume’s practice covers both offshore and onshore regions, as well as her regular representation of shareholders and other stakeholders in both solvent and insolvent liquidations, Hume promises to deliver her own unique insights on insolvency laws when she takes the podium on Thursday.

To secure your tickets to the panel, or find more information on the event itself, visit the event’s website here.