Matthew Menchel to Discuss U.S. Tax Enforcement Across International Borders

January 7, 2015

Lead trial lawyer and Director of the firm’s Center for Trial Advocacy Matthew Menchel gave a presentation at STEP Bahamas, “U.S. Tax Enforcement Across International Borders — A Discussion of the Raoul Weil Trial.” During the presentation, Mr. Menchel analyzed the trial strategies and tactics the defense team used that resulted in the acquittal of Raoul Weil, former head of UBS Wealth Management and the highest-ranking Swiss banker to stand trial in the U.S. The discussion also included an examination of what to expect next in the ongoing cross-border investigation initiatives of the U.S. government and charges relating to offshore tax evasion.

When: January 14, 2015
Where: British Colonial Hilton, Nassau, Bahamas