Kobre & Kim Partners on New York Law Journal Webinar

November 10, 2014

Publication: New York Law Journal

An International Conundrum- Conducting an Internal Investigation on Behalf of a Multinational Organization

In cross-border investigations, it is critical for lawyers to understand how to adapt their approach in conducting internal investigations based on local rules and regulations while simultaneously protecting the global interests of the company. Particularly with respect to attorney-client privilege, varying legal rules mean that protecting certain documents and communication within the company, becomes vast and complex when juggling the privilege and privacy laws of varying jurisdictions. This webinar explores many of the factors lawyers conducting internal investigations on behalf of multinational corporations should consider before embarking on that internal investigation. 

Together with the New York Law Journal, members of Kobre & Kim’s internationally recognized investigations practice evaluate the initial steps to take in establishing a plan for conducting an internal investigation, as well as privilege and attorney work product rules and what may not be considered protected pursuant to a foreign jurisdiction’s privilege and privacy laws.

For more information about the webinar and to access the video, please click here.