Jason Masimore on What to Consider in U.S.-Facing Extradition Cases

April 10, 2019

London-based attorney and former U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) prosecutor Jason Masimore recently delivered a speech in Kiev, Ukraine entitled “U.S.-Facing Considerations in Extradition Cases” at the International Criminal Law Forum 2019 on April 5th. Drawing on his experience in the DOJ, Mr. Masimore stressed the importance of understanding local conditions in the U.S., explained various tools to build defense evidence before extradition, and described features of U.S. asset confiscation law triggered by extradition fights.

“You need to understand who in the U.S. is investigating your client,” Mr. Masimore said, adding that there are tools available to build defense cases during extradition delays to gain leverage against prosecutors and set up significant U.S. trial advantages. However, you also have to set up your client’s asset defenses to avoid non-conviction-based forfeiture while fighting extradition.