Jason Masimore, John Han, Michael Ng on Asset-Focused Strategies to Fight Illicit Trade in Hong Kong ACC Webinar

November 7, 2022

Illicit trade is a low-risk, high-reward venture for criminals at the expense of companies whose goods are being trafficked. Fighting the traffickers to protect the company’s business has always been a drain on resources – but as Kobre & Kim’s Jason Masimore, John Han and Michael Ng explained during a webinar hosted by the Hong Kong Association of Corporate Counsel on November 2, in-house counsel can deploy new strategies that increase effectiveness and generate possible returns.

During the webinar, “Cutting Off Illicit Trade at the Source: Attack the Assets,” Mr. Masimore, Mr. Han and Mr. Ng explained how by bringing in concepts and strategies they have developed through experience collecting on creditor claims and combining them with an approach used by U.S. prosecutors to fight money laundering, counsel can design and execute strategies aimed at exploiting traffickers’ vulnerabilities, destroying their asset havens and recovering assets. In addition, a patent buy-and-assert strategy can also be deployed to use intellectual property enforcement to gain leverage.

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