Jason Kang Examines Offshore Creditor Rights in Restructuring of Chinese Companies During ALB China Debt Restructuring Forum

August 9, 2022

With economic winds shifting in China, more Chinese companies – from both publicly- and privately-held companies to state-owned enterprises – are at risk of default, and many will enter restructuring negotiations. What should both onshore and offshore creditors watch out for as they seek to protect their interests? Kobre & Kim’s Shanghai-based Jason Kang, who focuses on complex Greater China disputes, will dives into the topic during the ALB China Debt Restructuring Forum 2022 in Beijing, August 25, 2022.

Together with the panel, Mr. Kang will explore key questions for creditors of Chinese companies looking to protect their interests, including whether a company has restructuring value; how offshore creditors of US dollar bonds issued by Chinese companies can protect their interests in multi-jurisdictional restructuring proceedings; what creditors should pay attention to when exercising their rights, including through the creditor committee; and what cross-border relief may be possible for creditors to maximize their interests.

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