Hartley West Joins Webinar to Discuss White Collar Litigation in the Time of COVID-19

April 13, 2020

Kobre & Kim’s Hartley West will be joining an online panel to discuss white-collar litigation during the COVID-19 pandemic. The webinar, hosted by the Los Angeles and San Francisco Chapters of the Women’s White Collar Defense Association and by the Federal Bar Association, will take place on Wednesday, April 15, 11am PT.

The hour-long session, titled “Tips and Trends: The Impact of COVID-19 on White Collar Litigation and Investigations,” will feature West and fellow lawyers Whitney Z. Bernstein, Jessica K. Nall and Naeun Rim sharing their thoughts on how the pandemic has rapidly changed the landscape of white-collar litigation. These changes range from turning bail-and-release into a life-or-death issue to raising constitutional questions about video courtroom appearances, as well as the addition of new law enforcement COVID Task Forces.

The panel will then look at tips and trends in representing white-collar clients during the existence of statewide Stay-At-Home Orders, discussing issues such as pretrial and post-conviction release, remote representation, and predictions as to how recent events will affect fraud prosecutions, antitrust and SEC actions, and more.