Finding the Unknown: Creating Innovative Strategies to Protect and Recover Assets in Complex Family Disputes

November 12, 2020

Family disputes, such as those over divorces and estates, often spiral out of control, with assets snatched and hidden away by one side aiming to deter an easy resolution. Learn more about handling complex asset protection and recovery challenges in high-stakes family disputes in an interactive workshop, led by Gabriela Ruiz, Adriana Riviere-Badell, Evelyn Sheehan and Carolina Leung on November 19, 12pm EDT/2pm BRT.

Fighting for a client’s rightful assets may seem like an impossible task for wealth and legal advisers, but as our team will demonstrate, innovative and aggressive strategies are out there. From a U.S. 1782 discovery application and the replacement of a trustee to taking the fight to far-flung jurisdictions, there are techniques that, if used correctly, can recover even assets the client does not know about or had given up on.

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