Evelyn Sheehan on the Criminalization of the Private Client Profession with LegalWeek

February 5, 2020

Kobre & Kim’s Evelyn Sheehan will discuss the criminalization of the profession and the erosion of attorney-client privilege alongside a panel of fellow practitioners during LegalWeek’s Private Client Forum Americas, taking place in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, on February 7.

The panel, entitled “End of the Innocence: Behind bars: The criminalization of the profession and erosion of the attorney-client privilege,” will also explore policy makers’ and law enforcement’s increased scrutiny of attorneys’ role in financial crime, as the rising interest in “gatekeepers” has coincided with a general rise in enforcement. Ms. Sheehan, a former U.S. federal prosecutor that focuses her practice on advising institutional clients and their executives in cross-border investigations, will offer her insights on the above topics and other critical issues facing the world’s leading private client advisors.

More on LegalWeek’s Private Client Forum Americas can be found on their website.