Danielle Rose and Zachary Rosenbaum on the Post-COVID-19 Legal Landscape for CLOs

May 19, 2020

Amidst one of the worst recessions in modern history, the collateralized loan obligation (CLO) market is becoming especially vulnerable as credit conditions deteriorate. From 10am to 11am ET, May 28, 2020, Kobre & Kim’s Danielle Rose and Zachary Rosenbaum will lead a virtual panel and Q&A discussing what may lie ahead.

During the session, titled “CLOs post COVID-19: Navigating the structures and legal landscape in times of credit deterioration,” Rose and Rosenbaum will discuss what they expect to see in CLO litigation. They will be joined by James Finkel, Jennifer Press and Deo Sabino of Duff & Phelps, who will provide a dive into the workings of the CLO market.

The panel will examine the CLO space and its numerous players, from investors and CLO managers to borrowers of the underlying leveraged loans, who will be engaging in multitudes of disputes and litigation. Finally, the panel will also discuss what makes the CLO market especially risky. Rose and Rosenbaum will look into what similarities they see between CLO litigation in the coming months and those in 2008 as well as key differences that could result in creative and interesting outcomes in regards to both CLO litigation as well as the future of structured debt.

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