Daniel Saval Debates the Impact of AI on Insolvencies at INSOL International Cayman Islands Seminar

November 1, 2023

The growth of artificial intelligence is making waves across the legal industry, and many are wondering how they might affect the legal profession, including for those focused on restructuring and insolvency. Kobre & Kim’s Daniel Saval, who has extensive experience in cross-border insolvency proceedings, will debate this question during the International Cayman Islands Seminar hosted by INSOL International and RISA Cayman, joining the closing session at 4:30 pm local time on November 15, 2023.

The session will comprise a debate on the motion that, “This house believes artificial intelligence will replace lawyers in 10 years’ time, but never insolvency practitioners.” The debate will be moderated by Nicholas Fox of Mourant, and Mr. Saval will be joined by Jennifer Haworth of MJM Limited; Yvonne Plamondon of FTI Consulting; and John White of Deloitte.

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