Ben Sirota on Litigation Strategies for Private Damages Actions Based on Cartel Conduct in Brazil

May 11, 2020

Kobre & Kim’s Ben Sirota will join IREE (Instituto para Reforma das Relações entre Estado e Empresa, The Institute for Reform of Relations between State and Company) for a webinar focused on comparing the Brazilian and U.S. regimes as it pertains to claims of damages for cartel or other antitrust conduct.

Flanked by colleagues from Brazilian law firms and from CADE, Brazil’s antitrust enforcement agency, Sirota will provide insights on what lessons the U.S. system provides for Brazil, and how U.S.-based legal strategies can be brought to bear to aid in Brazil-based litigation.  The webinar will take place Thursday May 14, 8am ET / 9am BRT, and it will be conducted in Portuguese, with the exception of Sirota’s remarks, which will be provided in English and then translated.

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