Andrew Stafford KC and Kiran Unni on Turning a Claim into Cash During Istanbul Arbitration Week

October 12, 2022

Having a claim is a first step, and winning a favorable award is only the second – critically for the client, the award must still be turned into hard cash.

Kobre & Kim’s Andrew Stafford KC and Kiran Unni, who both focus on specialized cross-border monetization of large awards and judgments against sovereigns and commercial debtors explained during a panel at the Istanbul Arbitration Week on October 11, 2022, how to deploy those specialized skills to smooth the pathway to monetization.

The panel, “Turning a claim into hard cash – maximizing returns,” was chaired by Mr. Unni. He and Mr. Stafford KC were joined by Duncan Speller of Willkie Farr & Gallagher, Sule Uluç of Herguner Bilgen Ozeke Attorney Partnership and Nicolae Reutoi of Alaco.

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