Kobre & Kim Featured on U.S.-Israel Legal Review’s Israel Desks League Tables 2020

January 22, 2021

Publication: U.S.-Israel Legal Review

Kobre & Kim has been featured among the top international law firms that are deeply involved and knowledgeable in the Israeli market, as ranked by the U.S.-Israel Legal Review’s Israel Desks League Tables 2020.

The Review hails the firm’s “commanding reputation for representing Israeli clients in cross-border disputes involving Israel, the U.S., Europe, Asia and other jurisdictions,” as well as the “significant roles” of the Israel team, led by Robert Henoch, Michael Rosen and Jeremy Bressman, “in sensitive and high-profile litigation.” The Review also notes the Israel litigation fund operated by Kobre & Kim and Bentham IMF, the firm’s position as the only law firm with a former U.S. federal prosecutor in Israel, and the presence of an experienced U.S.-trained intellectual property litigator.

The second annual Israel Desks League Tables showcases law firms that “are not only involved in Israeli deals and with Israel clients, but also with a deep understanding of market trends, of their clients’ opportunities and the challenges to overcome.”

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