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Client Alert August 9, 2023

How SPAC Sponsors and De-SPACed Companies Can Protect Themselves as Valuations Plunge

  • After the SPAC boom of 2020 and 2021, many de-SPACed companies are now facing cash constraints and even bankruptcy.
  • Companies and their sponsors could face increasing scrutiny and disputes from shareholders, creditors or regulators as a result.
  • We explain how sponsors can be best positioned to prepare for the legal, financial and reputational risks that follow.

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Client Alert May 26, 2021

How SPAC Sponsors Can Protect Themselves and their Investments in a Cooling Market

  • Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (“SPACs”) can provide sponsors—often high-net-worth individuals—with large returns.
  • However, SPACs are not without their risks—there are growing signals the market may be cooling, which could lead to litigation and government enforcement.
  • SPAC sponsors and advisors should prepare early in order to reduce their potential exposure.

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