Tim Prudhoe and Anna Gilbert Discuss the Opportunities for Creditors Following the Panama Papers Saga

June 30, 2016

Publication: Global Banking & Finance Review and Wealth Briefing

In articles published in Global Banking & Finance Review and Wealth Briefing, offshore litigators Tim Prudhoe and Anna Gilbert address the unprecedented opportunities that the leak of 2.6 million terabytes of electronic documents from the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca has generated for creditors. Drawing from their experience in offshore jurisdictions, Mr. Prudhoe and Ms. Gilbert explore the various asset tracing and identification options available to creditors, as well as how opportunities for asset recovery will continue to grow as regulators introduce proposals to facilitate the exchange of beneficial ownership information.

The Global Banking & Finance Review article, “The Panama Papers: Implications for Creditors,” can be read here.

To access the Wealth Briefing article, “Creditor Opportunities from the Panama Papers Saga,” please email inquiries@kobrekim.com.