“Sticking to One Thing”: Michael Kim on Distinctiveness as the Key to Firm Success

July 23, 2021

Publication: The American Lawyer

Kobre & Kim was one of the few midsize Am Law 200 firms to have had double-digit revenue growth in 2020. Founding partner Michael Kim shared the key to this success when he sat down with The American Lawyer.

When Kobre & Kim launched, it was unique in being conflict-free and adverse to banks. However, Mr. Kim explained, “ever since the financial crisis, the market has been restructuring a lot, so that you can find a lot of different law firms that can be adverse to banks or other major financial institutions. That in itself is not as distinctive as it used to be, at least in New York and London.”

But the firm is “a big believer in sticking to one thing,” Mr. Kim said, focusing on a practice focused on international fraud and misconduct and being a “friendly co-counsel” to other law firms. “Our restaurant is basically selling one dish. Like Katz’s Deli, we’re selling the best pastrami sandwich. If someone wants to buy a pizza from us, that’s not what we’re going to do.”

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