Scott Hulsey Discusses the New Legal Perils Triggered by the Pandemic with The Wall Street Journal

September 24, 2020

Publication: Wall Street Journal

“The coronavirus pandemic has created a legal minefield for companies,” opens the Wall Street Journal in a recent article exploring vulnerabilities such as remote working, complex government regulations and travel restrictions. Kobre & Kim’s Scott Hulsey, who specializes in complex government investigations and was a federal prosecutor with the U.S. Department of Justice and Chief Compliance Officer at General Electric, sat down with the Journal to discuss the ins and outs of investigations work in an almost fully remote world.

“In regular times,” the article stated, “the most sensitive investigations and interviews often involve sending in-house investigators or outside lawyers to far-flung jurisdictions for in-person meetings and document collection.” Hulsey, referring to the time before the pandemic, commented: “There was something to be said about the fact that I could walk down the hall to the head of our supply function, have a conversation, and look over the materials they had developed,” he says. “It facilitated a more seamless effort to monitor what was going on in the company.” Touching base via phone or Zoom is not always adequate, he added.

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