Robin Baik and Daniel Lee Explain Securities Investigations in Korea for GIR

November 30, 2020

Publication: Global Investigation Review

Writing in a chapter of Global Investigation Review’s “Securities & Related Investigations Know-How,” Kobre & Kim’s Robin Baik and Daniel Lee, both based in Seoul, took a deep dive into the landscape of securities and financial investigations in Korea.

The chapter goes into what individuals and businesses in Korea might face when subjected to regulatory or criminal investigations into securities-related crimes. This includes the primary regulators and authorities involved and their powers; the actions criminalized; the investigation process; the openness to foreign cooperation; the ease of document production; the relevance of privilege and privacy; witness interviews; advocacy and defenses; and forms of penalty and other consequences.

Click here to read the full chapter, an extract from the 2020 edition of GIR’s Securities & Related Investigations Know-how, first published in November 2020. The whole publication is available here.