Maximizing Asset Recovery in Insolvency Proceedings: Rebecca Hume and Randall Arthur Offer Thoughts on Strategy

November 21, 2016

Publication: INSOL World


In cross-border insolvency proceedings, it is often misguided to select a forum based on the location of the insolvent entity or group in an attempt to take advantage of familiarity of local rules or a “home-field advantage.”  Insolvency lawyers Rebecca Hume, based in the Cayman Islands, and Randall Arthur, based in Hong Kong, discuss the strategic advantages to utilizing the insolvency procedures of foreign jurisdictions in addition to, or instead of the home jurisdiction in a recent INSOL World article. The article touches on several recent cases that highlight the importance of considering jurisdictional issues, both pre- and post-appointment, and how forum selection can impact a party’s strategy for maximizing recovery.

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