Michael Kim and Daniel Lee Explain Extradition in South Korea for GIR

July 17, 2020

Publication: Global Investigations Review

Writing in a chapter for Global Investigations Review’s “GIR Know How: Extradition”, Kobre & Kim’s founding partner Michael Kim and Seoul-based lawyer Daniel Lee detail the current landscape and legal requirements for extradition from South Korea.

Co-authored with Seong-Jin Choi and Tak-Kyun Hong of Shin & Kim, the chapter goes into detail on the domestic laws and treaties that govern extradition requests made to the South Korean government. Kim and Lee look into the types of offenses for which extradition is allowed; the specific requirements and stages of a request; provisional arrest; the rights of the accused, including bail; the bars that can be raised to extradition; the presence or lack of political and judicial review; and the time limits and process of extradition.

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