Kobre & Kim Lawyers Examine the Latest Asset Tracing Trends in BVI, Hong Kong and South Korea

October 5, 2020

Publication: The Asset Tracing and Recovery Review

Due to the global nature of fraud, and with rises in cases during the pandemic, it is important to stay abreast with developments in asset tracing tools around the world. Nine Kobre & Kim lawyers contributed three chapters on the ins-and-outs and latest trends of asset tracing in the British Virgin Islands, Hong Kong and South Korea in the newest edition of The Asset Tracing and Recovery Review.

On the British Virgin Islands, Peter Tyers-Smith, Timothy de Swardt and Merrick Watson discussed increasing transparency on beneficial owners and the recent overturning of Black Swan Investments, which limit asset freezes. Randall Arthur, Joyce Xiang and Calvin Koo looked at judicial assistance between Hong Kong and Mainland China, as well as the recently amended Hong Kong money laundering statutes. For South Korea, Michael Kim, Robin Baik and Nathan Park examined newly permitted securities-related class actions, the rise in recognitions of foreign insolvency proceedings and the growing international reach of Korean regulators.

Click here for the full edition, or read the British Virgin Islands, Hong Kong and South Korea chapters separately.