Kobre & Kim Lawyers Discuss Cross-Border Judgment Enforcement and Asset Recovery in U.S.-Israel Legal Review

July 25, 2019

Publication: U.S.-Israel Legal Review 2019

A team of Kobre & Kim lawyers – Robert Henoch, Jef Klazen and Jeremy Bressman – discussed the legal tools available for international judgment enforcement and asset recovery between the U.S. and Israel in Global Legal Review and Nishlis Legal Marketing’s publication, U.S.-Israel Legal Review 2019.

The team discusses the legal frameworks for judgment enforcement in both countries, and outlines various tools for recovering and preventing dissipation of assets. “There are affirmative steps that all creditors can consider to bolster their position against judgment debtors, as part of a coordinated, global asset recovery campaign,” the team informs. “For example, in some U.S. states creditors can engage in pre-action or pre-judgment discovery, which may allow them to quickly pinpoint assets for enforcement purposes upon successful litigation at the recognition stage.”

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