Jeremy Bressman Discusses Post-COVID-19 Legal Trends with IsraelDesks

June 22, 2020

Publication: IsraelDesks

Tel Aviv-based lawyer Jeremy Bressman recently sat down with IsraelDesks to discuss trends he is keeping an eye on as the legal landscape adjusts to a world during COVID-19.

The first, Bressman explained, is “a greater determination to uncover pre-existing fraud and misconduct by employers, counterparties and investors triggered by the need for increased short-term liquidity.” The large amount of government aid passed around the world offers opportunities for fraud, “which calls for the presence of experienced monitors, investigators, as well as defensive counsel.” 

The second trend Bressman identified is the push for companies to monetize their assets, particularly “intangible assets in the form of intellectual property.” An economic downturn is the ideal time to do so, as “patents are not market-correlated” and “conditions in the U.S. legal system have recently become more favorable for patent enforcement.”

Bressman also pointed out changes within law firms, explaining that dialogue between “our legal teams and the firm’s commercial arm” has meant everyone is aware of the latest firm initiatives and the firm can be driven by intelligence gathered by the lawyers.

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