Jason Kang with South China Morning Post: New Risks for PRC-Facing Foreign Investors

April 12, 2019

Publication: South China Morning Post

Kobre & Kim’s Hong Kong-based Jason Kang provided his insights to major Hong Kong-based newspaper South China Morning Post on the unexpected risks behind China’s new foreign investment regime, which was recently passed in early 2019. China’s increased opening up to foreign investors means greater exposure to the number of crimes linked to controlling shareholders of companies listed in mainland China.

“The controlling shareholder is the most powerful person in a listed company,” Kang said. “Thus, any accident happening to the person will directly affect share prices. Kang, who focuses on cross-border shareholder and joint-venture disputes, urged foreign investors “in particular” to “stay alert,” due to the “incredible” speed and scale at which information circulates in the retail investor-dominated Chinese market.

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