Jalil Asif KC, Peter Tyers-Smith and Ilona Groark Pen ICLG Chapter on Enforcing Foreign Judgments in Cayman

April 3, 2023

Publication: International Comparative Legal Guide

The Cayman Islands is a key offshore jurisdiction for judgment creditors in cross-border enforcement campaigns. Kobre & Kim’s Cayman-based Jalil Asif KC, Peter Tyers-Smith and Ilona Groark detailed the main insights in the jurisdiction for creditors in a chapter of International Comparative Legal Guide’s “Enforcement of Foreign Judgments 2023.”

Among the topics discussed is the legal framework under which foreign judgments are recognized (namely the Foreign Judgments Act and common law); the grounds a judgment can be challenged; the available enforcement mechanisms in Cayman; as well as some tips against more challenging or global debtors.

Click here to read the full chapter, first published in ICLG - Enforcement of Foreign Judgments 2023.