Global Judgment Enforcement Team Offers Strategies for Freezing Debtor Assets Across the EU

March 29, 2018

Publication: Today’s General Counsel

The European Account Preservation Order (EAPO) simplifies cross-border asset preservation across 26 member states, introducing a standardized application process that can save judgment creditors time, effort and costs. Cross-border judgment enforcement and asset recovery lawyers Jef Klazen and D. Farrington Yates, based in New York; Andrew Stafford QC and James Chapman-Booth, based in London; and Cayman Islands-based Rebecca Hume, explore the regulation and the options it opens in the fight against evasive debtors. The authors explore how to obtain an EAPO, how to use it strategically and how to asses when a jurisdiction’s domestic laws may offer more appropriate relief.

Read the Today’s General Counsel article, “A New Weapon for Creditors in Europe,” here.