Global GC Edward Bibko on New Role, Leadership and the Legal Profession in Corporate Counsel Business Journal Q&A

June 2, 2021

Publication: Corporate Counsel Business Journal

Kobre & Kim’s global general counsel Edward Bibko sat down with Corporate Counsel Business Journal for a Q&A on his new role at the firm, his leadership style and his observations of the legal profession.

Mr. Bibko has seen during his time in private practice a legal industry evolving for the worst, with the focus on metrics driving overspecialization and leading firms to miss how things work together as a whole. However, he views Kobre & Kim as the “un-law firm” law firm that seeks to address these issues, such as by relying on professional managers to focus on strategy and management. 

Mr. Bibko’s 20 years of leading a practice group at a law firm, combined with his in-house experience at the investment bank Jefferies, are the main influences of his leadership style, focusing on motivating team members, trusting them to make their own mistakes and focusing on value rather than time. When building his team, Mr. Bibko looks for people who are engaged – someone who runs toward the cannon fire – and a sense of humor.

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