Chief Strategy Officer Gary Singer on the Importance of Referral Relationships with The American Lawyer

May 23, 2019

Publication: The American Lawyer

Kobre & Kim Chief Strategy Officer Gary Singer spoke with The American Lawyer on the eve of the 2019 AmLaw 200 Report to discuss the current state of relationship building in regards to law firms’ business development efforts. While personal relationships have long been the cornerstone of growth for law firms, Mr. Singer stressed the importance of memorializing relationship information as a way to make strategic business decisions. 

“At Kobre & Kim, we institutionalize [one-to-one relationships],” Mr. Singer said. “Every request for a referral is logged into a system and is processed centrally.” He goes on to describe the firm’s meticulous, tried-and-true process for managing referrals, saying: “The reason we do that is because every contact with a potential referrer is a precious moment for us.” 

Ultimately, Mr. Singer believes the firm’s goal is to maximize the number of people that are aware of its unique capabilities, and focuses its marketing efforts on firms that aren’t repeatedly sending it work. 

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